SIPOCA 53 – Prezentare

„Strenghtening the capacity of the Public Ministry of enforcing the new

hearing provisions of the criminal codes” – SIPOCA 53      

Beneficiary: Prosecutor`s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice          

Main purpose is strengthening the capacity of the Public Ministry in respect of the hearings conducted in accordance with the provisions of the new criminal codes.

Specific objective is developing an IT system for conducting the judicial hearings and the people and objects identification.

Results: Within this project, a software that will support the management activity at the level of the Public Prosecutor’s Offices (Public Ministry) will be developed and will thus contribute to streamlining and modernizing the working methods used in the criminal investigation activity, more precisely in the field of hearings, as defined in the applicable criminal law. By the implementation of this project, the specific objective 1.3 of the POCA axis 1 will be achieved, namely The development and implementation of standard systems and modern management tools at the level of the judicial institutions.

The new Codes, the strategy for the development of the judicial system 2015-2020 and the accompanying action plan (Government Decision 1155/2014) all reiterate the need for modernization and transparency of the activities accomplished by magistrates. Thus, in order to respond to the legislative changes that have occurred in recent years, but also to the evolution of the technology that allows it to be harmonized with the rigors of the criminal law that have to respect the fundamental rights and liberties of the person in the process of finding the truth and defending the general interest of society, in the framework of the project, an efficient management software will also benefit of a database whose purpose is supporting the prosecutor in order to take the best decision. Moreover, this IT system will increase the citizens’ confidence in the act of justice, as the new system will provide the certainty of respecting all the rights mentioned in the current criminal law. The efficiency of the hearing management will be implemented in the prosecutor`s offices subordinated to the Prosecutor`s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, nationwide, which will lead to a structural change and modernization of the activity of the Public Ministry.

Target goup:

  • 600 prosecutors and clerks from the Public Ministry
  • 70 IT specialists from the Public Ministry

Total amount:  54,785,517.47 lei. This amount is broken down as follows:

  • RON 46,010,993.85 – European Social Fund (ESF) reimbursable funds (83.98386284% of the total eligible project budget)
  • RON 8,774,523.62 – own contribution from the state budget (16.01613716% of the total eligible budget of the project)

Starting date: 27 July 2017

Implementation period: 36 months