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The finish of the public procurement procedure for awarding the contract regarding the implementation of the Integrated Hearings Management Information System



The Office of Information and Public Relations within the Prosecutor’s Office  attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (POHCCJ) is empowered to bring to the attention of the public the following:

  1. The Public Ministry completed, on April 7, 2020, the public procurement procedure for the award of the contract regarding the implementation of the Integrated Hearing Management Information System (IHMIS). This activitity is part of the SIPOCA 53 project – „Strengthening the capacity of the Public Ministry of enforcing the new hearing provisions in the criminal codes”.
  • IHMIS will become an efficient and modern tool for the management of audio-video recordings, which will lead to the shortening of the duration allocated to this phase of the criminal investigation (hearing of suspects / defendants, injured persons and witnesses). The software developed within the SIPOCA 53 project will support the cases management activity at the level of the all prosecutor’s offices from Romania.
  • The SIPOCA 53 project (deadline – February 27, 2021) was included in the action plan of the Judicial System Development Strategy 2015 – 2020, having as main objective the creation of the hearing management system as a result of the adoption of the new criminal codes. The financing contract of the project was signed with the Managing Authority (MA) POCA on July 27, 2017, and the total value is 54,785,517.47 lei.
  • POHCCJ was the first institution from the judicial system which signed a financing contract with MA POCA for the consideration that the project and the hearing management system will offer to the litigant the guarantee of a unique, transparent, legal and complete way of hearing, procedure that will run uniformly in all prosecutor’s offices from the country.
  1. Regarding some press articles on the result of the procurement procedure and in order to inform correctly the public opinion, we present the steps from the public procurement procedure in order to award the contract for the implementation of the IHMIS:
  • The specifications and technical specifications of IHMIS were approved by the Technical-Economic Committee for the Information Society (C.T.E.) in May 2019. The specifications had over 300 pages. The intention of the Public Ministry was to make the specifications as clear as possible for all potential suppliers interested in participating at the procedure.
  • Subsequently, the specific steps of an open tender procedure were followed, according to the legal provisions, with an ex ante control procedure (before the publication of the procurement documentation) from the National Agency for Public Procurement (NAPP). A commission composed of NAPP specialists verified all the documents prepared by the evaluation commission at each stage and issued a compliant opinion for all stages of the procedure.
  • The IHMIS procurement documentation was published on August 2, 2019 in the Collaborative Information System for high-performance Public Procurement Environment (CISPP), as well as in the Official Journal of the European Union, number CN 1013774. Thus, transparency was ensured regarding the access of any potential supplier to the relevant information. The deadline for submission of tenders was September 24, 2019, and the procedure was completed on April 7, 2020, the contract being awarded to the sole bidder.
  • The project team will make all the necessary diligences for the implementation of the project in compliance with all the requirements related to the social distance measures during this period, the first activities being organized online.